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Mary Lomando, President and Founder of Pacha Terra Tours and Founder of the Egyptian Blue Lotus Foundation, is an Egyptologist, psychologist, archaeo-astronomer, and world mythologist. She is a graduate of NYU (psychology and art history) and the American University in Cairo (Egyptology and Islamic Art).

Her areas of expertise are the art, architecture and religion of the New Kingdom . Living in Egypt, she spent countless hours among the temples and tombs studying and “ listening” to their messages. Eventually, her passion for ancient cultures and mysteries led her to Peru, where she studied with indigenous shamans and “Earth Keepers’.

Upon her return to Luxor in 2009, Mary actively began working to preserve the indigenous Blue Lotus. In 2013 she founded The Egyptian Blue Lotus Foundation, a non-profit educational organization devoted to the cultivation and preservation of Egypt’s most sacred flower on original 18th dynasty land.

In addition to her worldwide astrological practice, Mary also teaches classes in Esoteric Egyptology and leads tours to Egypt and Peru. She is currently writing a book about the Goddesses of ancient Egypt soon to be published in 2014.



With: Mary Lomando, Egyptologist & Astrologer.

Introduction to Astrology: Learning Karmic Astrology 101 and Your Birth Chart As Your Soul Imprint with Mary Lomando - Jungian Astrologer, Lecturer & Egyptologist.

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Interpeting the myths of Isis, Hathor, Sekmet and other major Goddesses as they apply to the ancient Mystery Schools of Egypt, as well as modern individual psychology.

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NOV 8 - 19, 2017

With: Mary Lomando, Egyptologist & Astrologer.

This is not a typical "tour" of Egypt, but a total immersion experience into one of the most profound teachings of the ancient Egyptian temples: the meaning behind the sacred Egyptian Blue Star Lotus, the "Flower of Light". We shall experience the mystical essence of the Blue Lotus flower; its true origin; its spiritual significance, as well as the flower's practical application in aromatherapy and healing as taught in the ancient Egyptian temples.

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SEPT 18 - 29 2017

with Mary Lomando & Amaru LI

Join us as  we integrate the Wisdom teachings and Mystery Schools of ancient

Egypt and Peru... the meeting of the Eagle, Condor and the Phoenix!...

Peru, like ancient Egypt, is the home of an ancient Mystery School lineage based on the teachings of the "Sons of the Sun". We will explore this fascinating connection as we walk the streets of Cuzco, the home of the legendary "Golden Disc of the Sun", as well as, Machu Picchu, the "Lost Crystal City of the Gods".

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"Initiation At The Temple Of Dendera"
With Mary Lomando NEW!
Equinox Journey to Peru
The Osirion at Abydos
"Opening The Gates"
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